Alp Pop Conference, La Thuile (Italy)
"The impact of family policy packages on fertility trends"

Population Association of America (PAA), Washington (USA)
"Do fertility trends respond to family policies in OECD countries?"



European Population Conference (EAPS), Vienna (Austria)
"Evaluating the significance of family policies for women’s fertility decisions and labour market outcomes in OECD countries on the basis of a holistic approach. Compatibility matters."

European Society for Population Economics (ESPE), Essen (Germany)
"The impact of economic development and female employment on fertility. What explains the rebound?"

Population Association of America (PAA), Dallas (USA)
"Does economic development drive the fertility rebound in OECD countries?"



International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE), Boston (USA)
"Female labour market participation and economic growth in developing countries. Various Interactions."

European Society for Population Economics (ESPE), Seville (Spain)
"The impact of macroeconomic growth on women’s labour market participation: Does panel data confirm the "feminisation U" hypothesis?"